A service that splits the latter

Rovari Gioielli was born on the outskirts of Brescia in 1983 with the retail sale of watches and jewelery and inside a laboratory specialized in repairs of watches of all brands and pendulums, the shop is currently managed by Rovari Ferruccio, a great enthusiast and technician of watchmaking for over thirty years.

Subsequently in 2002 a second store was born in Piazza San Siro 5 managed by his two sons Alessandro and Paolo, with inside a goldsmith's workshop able to perform repairs on any precious object and to perform for customers who want unique objects also creations on drawing.

In addition to the sale of gold and jewelery and commercial watches, the shop, based on the great passion shared by the two brothers, specializes in the sale and purchase of prestigious watches: Rolex, IWC, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet etc.

Rovari Gioielli accompanies the customer not only in the acquisition of the object of desire, but following it with an accurate, precise and scrupulous after-sales service.